America has many famous restaurant brands to please anyone. Here are famous restaurants with world-renowned brands from the United States.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut restaurant chain has won the hearts of many visitors, it excelled in the top of the famous restaurant brands in the US. Currently, this brand owns the largest chain of Pizza restaurants in the US with more than 6,000 stores across the country. Pizza Hut is the sole brand of Yum! Brands is on this list.


Dominos is the second largest pizza chain in the US. After a disastrous performance in the 2007 Brand Keys palate survey, Dominos had to immediately change its menu.

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Papa John’s

Papa John’s is the third largest pizza chain in the US. Although the name seems to be quite modest, the effective online ordering strategy has helped Papa John’s be more popular than the two veterans on Google.


Starbucks beat out rival Dunkin’ Donuts to become the No. 1 “non-pizza” chain on this list. Starbucks now boasts countless passionate fans. And its stores are present in many parts of the world.


McDonald’s is a world famous fast food brand. And McDonald’s appears on the news daily and has advertising campaigns almost year-round. However, customers also don’t search for information about McDonald’s as often as pizza shops. Anyway, McDonald’s is still a famous restaurant brand in the US.

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Subway is the king of cheap sandwiches. It appears in the ranking of restaurant brands in the US with increasing popularity on the Internet. At the end of last year, they even surpassed McDonald’s to become the restaurant chain with the largest number of stores in the world with more than 33,000.


“Neighborhood Grill” beat all other competitors in the casual restaurant space like TGIF and Chili’s. They are still making a lot of adjustments after being acquired by IHOP at the end of 2007. Currently, this brand is still very popular.

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Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s has more than 1,000 stores across the United States. However, there are still 11 states that do not have this brand yet to set foot. Although Subway is still the king of sandwiches. But while its biggest rival, Quiznos, is struggling in debt, Jimmy John’s has a huge opportunity to rise.

Buffalo Wild Wings

This is the only fried chicken wing shop in the top 10. Buffalo Wild Wings has grown into one of the largest franchise chains in the United States. The customers of this brand are mainly sports fans.


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