If you have a plane ticket to New York on hand, what to eat and where to eat during the trip will not be out of the calculations of visitors. The restaurants featured below are all very popular and loved not only by locals but also by visitors to New York. Maybe you will like them because of the delicious food, the elegance, the elegance of the restaurant space or you simply travel very nearby and feel this restaurant is the most convenient,… Either way, the information This information will also be very helpful for you.

1. Caviar Russe Restaurant at 538 Madison Ave st.

Diners coming to Caviar Russe can enjoy mainly American specialties or some dishes imported from abroad with slightly modified recipes. The ingredients used here are all imported from the right place of production, so they ensure freshness, food safety and hygiene. Besides enjoying the food, guests can also sample a variety of attractive imported wines at the restaurant’s bar.

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Caviar Russe restaurant is a favorite address in New York

Caviar Russe restaurant has a special texture like no other. In addition to serving food to guests on the 2nd floor, below is a fashion store called Spring Flowers with a variety of luxury garments and accessories.

2. Brasserie Ruhlmann restaurant at 45 Rockefeller Plz

Brasserie Ruhlmann restaurant is located north of the Rockefelle mall, operated by two owners who are beer dealers. This is the destination for diners who want to enjoy authentic French food. The dining rooms are elegantly decorated with cold dark colors to create a feeling of tranquility and contemplation.

You can choose to eat in the lobby or in the outdoor dining area of ​​the restaurant premises. If there is a need to organize a party, ceremony or festival for your group, visitors also request to eat in a separate room for such cases. This restaurant is only open from 11:30pm to 10pm.

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3. Bateaux New York Restaurant on the West Side Hwy. nr. 23rd St.

This restaurant has perhaps the most unique location in New York: right on a large ship in the middle of the sea. Guests will not only have a luxurious meal on board but also enjoy the unforgettable beauty during 3 hours of floating from Chelsea to lower Manhattan. Indeed it is a very unforgettable experience that you should try if you have the opportunity.

Coming to Bateaux New York, visitors can both enjoy delicious food and travel for 3 hours

At this particular restaurant, live music performances and a lively bar with a wide range of fine wines are regularly served to visitors. Despite its special location and unique luxurious facilities, what Bateaux New York restaurant wants to emphasize to their diners is the quality of the meals. The menu on this exciting train includes famous international dishes from many countries around the world.

4. Bar Masa Restaurant at 10 Columbus Cir

Located in the Timer Warner Center area, Bar Masa restaurant helps visitors save a lot more money to enjoy a variety of delicious and unique Japanese dishes. This is a sub-branch of Masa but has much lower prices thanks to the exploitation of economical dishes but still retains their deliciousness and attractiveness.

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In a pleasant light-colored space consisting of a long table and a row of seats with curtains, diners will be treated to a variety of top Japanese dishes. Typical here are seaweed rice rolls and sushi, two famous dishes of the country of cherry blossoms.

The famous sushi at Bar Masa . restaurant

5. Restaurant ‘Cesca at 164 W. 75th St.

This restaurant specializes in providing standard Italian-style dishes, which are very popular with diners because of their extensive menu and excellent food taste. Established in 2003, although not too long ago, ‘Cesca has proven its class with the kitchen management of famous chefs Adam Platt and Kevin Garcia who have received prestigious 2-star awards. The dishes served here mostly come from Southern Italy, which changes with the seasons. The bar with premium wines is also particularly popular with diners.


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