When looking for vegan restaurants in New York, you need to look beyond the usual chain options. You need to make sure you’re choosing from a place that offers a wide selection of foods, a comfortable atmosphere, and a vegan chef. You’ll be pleased to find that there are many choices. Here are a few you should check out.

Blossom Du Jour

Blossom Du Jour

The owners of Blossom Du Jour have been sued for wage and hour violations after employees discovered that they were not being paid at a fair wage. The lawsuit alleges that the owners misclassified the workers as delivery workers, and failed to pay them minimum wage, overtime wages, or a meal allowance. As a result, employees say that they spent more than 20 percent of their workdays performing non-tipped tasks.

This 100% vegan restaurant was started by Pamela Elizabeth in 2010 and is located in New York City. The menu offers healthy, eco-friendly choices that are fast and convenient to prepare. There are currently five Blossom Du Jour locations in New York, but more are on the way. In addition to the restaurant, Blossom Du Jour offers baked goods for sale at select Whole Foods stores.

The Upper West Side location of the vegan Gem Café features soothing sage walls and soft amber lighting, along with a friendly and knowledgeable counter staff. You can start your meal with a salad of red quinoa, corn, red peppers, and avocado. You can also try the fried seitan medallion panini, which combines a wheat-gluten cutlet and peppery arugula. The vegan Gem Café also offers homemade foccacia and a selection of sandwiches and desserts.



Champs Café is a popular Brooklyn all-vegan diner that specializes in Americana comfort food. This late-night hangout serves up a vegan version of comfort food that is beloved by New Yorkers. The restaurant is made from all-natural ingredients, which means that it’s free of any animal products, and the staff are well-versed in plant-based nutrition.

Champs Diner offers Americana comfort food, including breakfast items like birthday cake pancakes and Philly cheesesteaks. You can also get a vegan version of classic bar snacks like burgers and hot dogs. The restaurant also offers a take-out and delivery option. Another option is Taim Café, which offers falafel sandwiches.

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Champs Diner offers vegan comfort food in a cozy atmosphere. Breakfast burritos, milkshakes, mac n cheese, and burgers are just some of the dishes available. For a casual meal, you can also check out Beyond Sushi, a chain of casual vegan restaurants in New York. This restaurant is open from 10am to 4pm daily. There are several locations in Manhattan.

Champs vegan restaurant in New York boasts a wide array of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Their vegan menu also features some very creative and interesting ingredients. You can try the Superseed Avocado, which is avocado topped with red sauerkraut, turmeric onions, and saffron aioli. You can also try the Tibetan Mama, which features a spicy coconut peanut butter curry sauce with steamed greens. If you’re not sure what to order, you can also try their famous crispy brussel sprouts with maple buffalo sauce.

Xilonen Mexican restaurant

Xilonen Mexican restaurant

If you’re looking for a great Mexican restaurant with a vegan or vegetarian menu, Xilonen is the place for you. This restaurant, which opened a few months ago, is located on the Greenpoint side of McCarren Park and serves plant-based Mexican cuisine. Its colorful menu is centered on veggies and legumes and uses cashews and sunflower seeds for the salsas and cremas.

Xilonen is owned by chef Justin Bazdarich, who formerly operated Speedy Romeo in Brooklyn. He has partnered with Oceanic Global to reduce his restaurant’s plastic waste by introducing fiber straws and highly compostable takeout containers. He says he’s cut back on plastic to almost nothing in his kitchen. The chef is also studying sustainability at Arizona State University and will be opening a fully vegan restaurant soon.

The restaurant also serves delicious Mexican fare. You can try guacamole with housemade tostadas, which come in an eye-catching Fanta hue, or a crispy taco filled with a sweet potato al pastor. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the vegan menu has plenty of vegan-friendly options. The restaurant will eventually be offering a sit-down dinner service, but in the meantime, you can take advantage of the takeout service.

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Another restaurant that offers vegan fare is the vegan version of the classic Virginian cuisine, Vegan Kitchen. With an emphasis on plant-based ingredients, the chef’s dishes showcase his Virginian heritage and pay homage to his home state. While the prices of the vegan dishes here are not inexpensive, they are incredibly satisfying and will make for a great date night.

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste is a restaurant with organic and vegan fare and a large selection of organic wines. It has three locations in Brussels and New York City, and also caters to events. The menu changes seasonally, and dietary restrictions are accommodated. The service team is friendly and attentive, and they offer suggestions on wine pairings for the various dishes.

For those who prefer a more adventurous menu, there are several vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city. Dirt Candy is another vegan restaurant, which offers a variety of tasting menus, including ten-course and five-course tasting menus. The menu includes dishes such as Korean fried broccoli and seaweed caviar.

Another vegan restaurant in the city is Ladybird, which serves small plates, vegan wines, and delicious vegan fondue. It is part of the overthrow hospitality restaurant group, which aims to create a mission-driven vegan restaurant that promotes animal rights.

Franchia Vegan Kitchen

Franchia Vegan Kitchen

Whether you are vegan, a vegetarian, or simply want to try a new cuisine, New York City offers an extensive range of plant-based cuisine options. The city’s skyscrapers and bustling Theater and Garment Districts make it the go-to destination for the health-conscious traveler. From vegan sushi to scrumptious vegan burgers, New York has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a trendy, plant-based place for brunch or dinner, Franchia Vegan Kitchen is the place for you. The cafe serves an impressive range of vegan dishes and offers full-service catering, as well as vegan-friendly coffees and teas. Located on Park Avenue, this restaurant serves both traditional and modern vegan dishes and is known for its extensive tea selection. Reservations can be made by calling ahead. Franchia is split up into three levels, with the first floor ideal for casual dining. The second floor is more for groups while the top floor is more romantic and intimate. One drawback to Franchia is that there is no elevator, so you’ll need to make your way up. However, the waitstaff at Franchia are extremely efficient and courteous. They keep candles lit and are quick to bring your food.

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Franchia is a great choice for lunch or dinner, but you may need to make reservations on weekends and for large groups. While the restaurant has vegetarian options, it doesn’t serve breakfast. The vegan café serves fresh vegan fare with French influences, including seasonal fruits and vegetables. The cafe is also committed to sustainability and supports nonprofits that support sustainable practices.


If you’re looking for an authentic vegan experience, New York City is home to many top-notch restaurants that are both cruelty-free and delicious. You’ll find everything from Michelin-star-worthy fare to quick, inexpensive street food. You can also eat at one of the many vegan grocery stores in the city.

Screamer’s Pizzeria specializes in vegan pizza, and their menu is packed with vegan options. The pizzas here are big on flavour and topped with vegan cheese, vegan sausage, and cremini mushrooms. There’s also an Old School pizza, which features caramelised onions and almond ricotta.

Screamer’s is one of the first plant-based pizza joints in New York. The brainchild of the owners of the famous Blackbird Pizza and Champs Pizzeria in Brooklyn, Screamer’s boasts two locations in Greenpoint and Crown Heights. The menu here varies from one location to the other, with Crown Heights having a more extensive selection.

ABCV is another top-quality vegan eatery. This restaurant sources its ingredients from small family farms. The menu is small, but the dishes are beautifully presented and delicious. Moreover, the menu is environmentally friendly and emphasizes the use of sustainable and organic products.

Screamer’s Pizzeria has several locations throughout the city, and the vegan pizza is among the best in the city. The restaurant also offers gluten-free tater tots, which are often found at other vegan restaurants in New York. Screamer’s Pizzeria has different menus for different occasions.


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