Brazilian stew – Feijoada

Feijoada is the first dish to mention out of the 10 must-try dishes in Brazil. This is a traditional Brazilian dish, consisting of the main ingredients of bacon, bacon, ribs, sausage and beef stewed with black beans. In some places, people also add kale, potatoes, and carrots, cabbage, and pumpkin to make the dish more rich and attractive.

Churrasco Grilled Meat

Barbecue is a “never” missing item in most lists of favorite dishes in Brazil, but especially churrasco. Churrasco is a Portuguese name, meaning similar to BBQ. The churasco party can be pork, beef, chicken, or sheep… grilled on skewers over charcoal fire. Surrounding the charcoal stove with friends and relatives with a fragrant aroma will be a truly memorable experience in Brazil.

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Coxinhas served with tomato sauce

Coxinhas are one of the most iconic and famous street foods in Brazil. If you have the opportunity to visit this country, you must definitely try it to know what a truly delicious dish is! Coxinhas are teardrop shaped and are made from chicken, carrots, onions, cheese, eggs, etc. mixed with spices. When eating, you will feel the crispy taste of the crust, and will be immediately conquered by the extremely soft inside. When served hot with tomato sauce or sweet chili sauce, it’s even better.

Vat apá – the pride of the people of Northern Brazil

This is a very prominent specialty of the North of Brazil. The cake is made from familiar ingredients, including: Bread, shrimp, coconut milk, peanuts, palm oil, then cooked like a curry. It is often eaten with rice, or can also be enjoyed as a soup.

Moqueca is cooked in an earthen pot

Moqueca is a typical dish quite famous of the Bahia region, northeast of Brazil. Dishes are prepared with simple ingredients. Specifically: coconut milk, tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro, palm oil. But it was cooked for many hours in an earthen pot. If you try this dish, you should eat it with shrimp or swordfish meat, small shark, you will definitely enjoy it.

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Famous snacks in Brazil – Acarajé

Another popular Brazilian street snack that you should try. Although it is among the top dishes typical for Brazilian cuisine, in fact, this dish is inherited from African cuisine. And at the same time, this is also a specialty of Nigeria.

The dish is processed quite elaborately, people use white beans or black beans to clean the shell. Then grind it and shape it into a ball. The inside is made from shrimp with vinegar oil, then fried in palm oil. This type of cake is very popular in Brazil, people can eat it alone or with tomato salad, chili sauce and fried shrimp, etc.

Pão de queijo is for those who like fat food

You will not be able to ignore this small, fragrant and greasy cheese bread when traveling to Brazil. Enjoy a breakfast with Pão de queijo, you will have a day full of energy and fun in this country. Although only made from tapioca (tapioca), but this unique dish “catches” diners’ hearts because of the aromatic plasticity of the cake, and the characteristic salty taste of cheese.

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Pastel de nata – Brazilian style egg tarts

Pastel de nata is actually a Portuguese custard tart. However, here the recipe is slightly changed, with cinnamon and sugar according to the “Brazilian version”.

Caipirinha wine

Caipirinha is known as the “national wine” of samba. This drink is made from cachaça, sugar and lemon in the right proportions. Today, when processing, people can replace lemon with pineapple, passion fruit. Or other sour fruits for different flavors. They are all very attractive and worth trying or buying as gifts.


This is a great way to start a day in Brazil. Vitamina is a fruit smoothie mixed with milk and sugar. And especially popular in the health sector. Really health conscious people often claim it has no sugar or sweeteners. The two most popular vitamins are banana with granola and avocado. In Brazil, avocado is eaten sweet rather than salty as in some countries. Make sure you try an avocado vitamina. It will make you wonder why you’ve never eaten it before.


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