Latin America is the country’s most important political, economic and cultural center. This place has many unique tourist attractions that tourists when traveling to America should visit. Coming here, visitors not only have the opportunity to visit the scenic spots but also have the opportunity to enjoy the rich cuisine and here are the most famous cuisine in the Americas you should try once in your life that we want to share . share with you in today’s post.

This place has many unique tourist attractions that visitors to this land should visit. Coming here, visitors can not only visit the scenic spots but also have the opportunity to enjoy the rich cuisine.


Hamburger is considered the most typical American dish and is famous all over the world. A cake with meat sandwiched in the middle with some other spices such as french fries… Americans often eat this cake in outdoor parties. So you can absolutely find them anywhere in the US from street food stalls to big restaurants.

Surely Hamburger is no longer a strange dish for Vietnamese people. You can find this dish in fast food stores that are increasingly appearing on the street. Hamburger is considered a typical American dish. And is one of the delicious dishes in the Americas that are known in the world. Hamburger is actually a sandwich or a round bread filled with ground meat. This ground meat is made into pieces that can be grilled, fried, or smoked, and is eaten with some accompanying condiments. The dish is delicious when eaten with fries.

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Special pizzas are popular all over the world. The pizzas originate from the stories of the first time tomatoes moved from Europe to South America. At that time, the upper classes refused to eat tomatoes because they were convinced that it was poisonous. However, at that time the peasants were too poor. So they started using tomatoes spread over their pies.

Centuries later they added basil and mozzarella cheese. And so the classic margherita pizzas were born. Today’s pizzas are filled with a variety of toppings. For example, cheese, corn, beef, seafood… Has become a popular dish not only in America but also in other parts of the world.


Mexico is also a country with a rich and diverse culinary culture. Tacos are among the delicacies in the Americas of which this country is the owner. It’s a burger with a crust made from cornmeal and a filling made from any kind of meat. Examples include cooked pork, beef, chicken, and fish. This cake is indispensable with a little salsa sauce and is often served with onions and coriander.

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Tacos come in two types, hard crust and soft crust. Thanks to the processing method and the use of extremely diverse fillings, many types of tacos were born. The most popular tacos in Mexico is Taco al Pastor. The main ingredient of Taco al Pastor is spiced pork, skewered and grilled on fire. You should enjoy this unique dish once if you have the opportunity to come to Mexico.

Chiles en nogada (Mexico)

This is a dish with all three colors symbolizing the Mexican flag and is one of the most loved dishes in Mexico. People stuff a mixture of pureed meat, add fruit and spices into the peppers – representing the green color. Then steamed, then sprinkled with white walnut cream sauce and added the red color of pomegranate garnish and served. Blue – white – red, the three colors of the Mexican flag are fully present in this dish.

The most famous cuisine in the Americas is the crystallization of one culture. There you not only enjoy the unique features in the way of cooking. It also expands their understanding of culture as well as the culinary world. Hardly anyone has the conditions to enjoy all the delicacies in America right in its own country. But some dishes are also available in Vietnam.

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Besides, the current processing method is also updated quite a lot on the Internet. You can totally learn about it. Learn, enjoy or apply implemented. Both help you and those around you have more but more subtle feelings about the taste of food. It is also possible to understand more or less about people and countries in a faraway continent half a world away from you.

Clam soup

In the delicious, famous dishes in the US, you can’t help but mention the clam soup. The soup is prepared in a very special and careful way. In America there are many different types of soups. But the most special is the soup called Massachuset. You can make this dish yourself with ingredients such as salt pork, clams, potatoes, onions, spices. But there is an unwritten rule when cooking this delicacy. You definitely should not add tomatoes to cook with clams.

Bagel bagels

This is a famous traditional cake in America. With fairly simple and easy-to-find ingredients such as honey, eggs and a yeast. This bagels are boiled before baking. Therefore, the processing time of this dish is calculated in a very meticulous and thoughtful way. To enjoy this cake, you should remember to eat with other fillings. Examples include cream, cheese or other meats and smoked anise.


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