1. Indian Lassi

This is a yogurt dish made from fermented goat’s milk mixed with mashed fruits such as mango, strawberry, kiwi, etc. or juice of pears, apples, peaches, etc., one can also make this drink by adding more cardamom, cinnamon, mint, rose or other typical Asian flavors.

2. Korean Sujeonggwa

It is a traditional Korean drink that is sweet, spicy and warm. The ingredients to make this drink are dried sweet berries and flavorings like cinnamon and ginger. In addition, there are also pine nuts used to decorate and create a spicy taste.

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3. Indonesian Cendol

The country of Indonesia not only has the famous tourist Bali beach but also more special with centol dish. To be precise, this is not a drink but a dessert. Centol is made from coconut milk, cake with artificial pandan flavor and jaggery. This is one of the most delicious drinks in the world.

4. American Chocolate MilkShake

Is a drink made from a pureed mixture of cream, fresh milk and chocolate, and finally covered with a layer of milk cream topped. This type of drink you must have tried once, because in Vietnam this drink is also very popular.

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5. Cuban Mojito

A traditional Cuban cocktail, it has a cool aroma, a hint of mint and the mild acidity of fresh lemon.

6. Bubble tea – Taiwanese buffalo milk tea

It is a dish made from tea leaves mixed with tapioca pearls. This is also one of the most sought-after drinks in Vietnam

7. Spanish Sangria

Dubbed as the most unique drink in the world. This drink has a rich crimson color or a slight yellow color because that depends a lot on the type of wine used to make it, whether it is white wine or red wine.

8. Eggnog English

It is a cocktail – the world’s best drink made with cream, milk, sugar and egg yolks that can be combined with incense, cinnamon or nutmeg and then added brandy, rum or whiskey.

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9. Es kelapa muda Indonesia

The second most popular drink in Indonesia is Es kelapa muda. This drink is made from fresh coconut water, ice, syrup and thinly grated copra. This is a very popular drink in Indonesia because of its cool taste and very good cooling.

10. Hot Chocolate and American Marshmallows

It is the perfect combination of hot chocolate and marshmallows. The marshmallows melted, creating a layer of ice cream on the chocolate cup. However, to be able to make delicious whipped cream, the chocolate must be hot enough to melt the marshmallows.


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