In the world there are luxury hotels with prices up to tens of thousands of dollars for a night. These famous hotels have luxurious and special facilities that make a strong impression on any visitor upon arrival. These are also places worth stopping to make your trip more interesting.

Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi – UAE

Emirates Palace is famous for its unique and massive design like a palace. This place is known as the “7-star” hotel and the second most expensive in the world. Coming to this hotel, you will experience the difference beyond imagination. Emirates Palace is the first hotel in the world to have a vending machine for gold, and even has its own marina and helipad.

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Many places in the hotel are decorated with gold weighing up to 40 tons. Emirates Palace was built near the coast in the capital Abu Dhabi at a cost of 3 billion USD. This prestigious hotel regularly welcomes many high-ranking officials, aristocrats or world superstars.

Wilson President Hotel, Geneva – Switzerland

The President Wilson Hotel is located in Geneva, which is considered a great stopover for all travelers in the peaceful European city. From the luxurious rooms of this hotel, guests can zoom in and discover the vibrancy of the city at all times. President Wilson Hotel always makes customers satisfied with helpful and best service.

In addition, President Wilson Hotel also has a multitude of recreational and leisure activities to help you always feel happy during your stay. From President Wilson’s side, you can enjoy the view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. The top floor is equipped with a private elevator and has a total of 12 rooms, a billiard room, a library and a separate fitness center.

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Lagonissi – Athens, Greece

For guests booking here, the hotel will provide them with a private jet. During your stay in Lagonissi – Athens, Greece , guests even have their own chef, coach and pianist. Coming to Grand Resort Lagonissi, you will see the Great Mediterranean Sea on the southern peninsula – one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur – India

Located in the heart of Jaipur city center, around The Raj Palace are famous attractions such as Gaitor, Taj Mahal Palace, Hawa Mahal, City Palace or Jantar Mantar Observatory… The Raj Palace has its own one health club, a modern and comfortable outdoor swimming pool. Upon arrival at The Raj Palace, guests can enjoy scrumptious cuisines at 4 restaurants along with a poolside bar. The rooms are specially designed, have a patio with cool garden views and are fully equipped with modern amenities with premium bedding.

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In addition, The Raj Palace hotel also has The Presidential suite room system. These special rooms were once the private homes of the Maharaja royal family. The total area of ​​the whole room system is up to 1,500 m2, The Presidential suite is considered the largest suite in Asia, some of the furniture and motifs here are decorated with gold.

Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas – USA

This luxury hotel has a large casino serving 24/24. With each room, Palms Casino Resort is fully equipped with modern equipment such as: 42-inch plasma flat-screen TV, wifi, high-quality beds and chairs… There are also restaurants to help guests choose freely. dining, steaks, fresh seafood and even a bar serving caviar. The large outdoor swimming pool provides relaxing moments for visitors to this place.


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