If you are a travel enthusiast, you must have known Hawaii – the beautiful and famous archipelago of the US. The city of Honolulu on the island of Oʻahu is both the largest city and the capital of Hawaii. Coming to Honolulu, visitors can enjoy a fresh feeling on the beaches, visit the Pearl Harbor monument or explore Hanauma Bay .

In particular, with the advantage of being located along the coast and tropical climate, this city has rich seafood resources and developed agriculture. This advantage helps to ensure that fresh ingredients are used to create amazing dishes that are hard to replicate anywhere in the world.

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A brief introduction to the city of Honolulu

Honolulu is located along the southeast coast of the island of Oahu. The area of ​​Honolulu is about 177 square kilometers with a population of nearly 500 thousand people. With a prime location, Honolulu city is also considered the main gateway to Hawaii and is also one of the important gateways connecting the United States with many other countries. Not only has a developed economy, but Honululu is also the intersection of many East-West and Pacific cultures.

Last century, Honolulu was known to the whole world for the historic Pearl Harbor event that took place on December 7, 1941. Today, Pearl Harbor has also become a famous historical site that anyone When traveling to Honolulu must also visit. In addition, with a year-round warm climate, beautiful natural scenery, and diverse ecosystems, Honolulu is also known as the “tropical paradise” of the United States.

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Mai Tai Cocktai – great cool Honolulu drink

Honolulu cuisine is often a combination of nature with diverse ingredients. And Mai Tai is that kind of natural drink. Mai Tai is a cocktail made up of rum, Curacao, syrup, lime juice and Polynesian. The harmonious combination of ingredients creates a unique and unforgettable taste. Enjoying a glass of Mai Tai next to Honolulu’s beautiful beach is a travel experience you should try.

Snack the day in Honolulu with Opihi

Opihi is a type of seafood found only on the island of Honolulu. Opihi is known for its delicious taste and rich nutrition. This dish is appreciated by many people. It is suitable as a snack during the day. Opihi can be found easily on the beaches of the city. But you will have trouble processing. Therefore, going to restaurants is the fastest way to enjoy Opihi.

Mixed Plate – a dish that combines many ingredients

By eating fusion food, you will enjoy the diverse culinary flavors of Honolulu. Mixed Plate is that meal, it is a combination of rice and different dishes. A Mixed Plate will have the main ingredients of rice, mixed vegetables and meat. This meal will provide enough energy for your sightseeing in Honolulu.

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Poke – a specialty dish in Honolulu

Poke is known as a dish only available in Hawaii. It is processed according to a special method. This dish is made from fresh seafood as the main ingredient, combined with traditional spices, salt and seaweed. Poke is popularly sold at restaurants in Honolulu. So it’s not difficult if you want to enjoy.

Lomi-lomi – Lomi . raw salmon

For those who love fish, lomi lomi is a must-try. This dish is traditionally served as a side salad at parties. It consists of minced raw salmon, diced tomatoes and onions that are massaged together by hand. Lomi lomi means “massage” in Hawaiian.


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