“Where should the honeymoon go?” This is probably a question that many couples still wonder and have a headache when it comes to talking about and choosing. Every one of us wants the honeymoon of our life to be immersed in a beautiful place with a romantic atmosphere with our other half! If you are looking for a perfect honeymoon in Europe, beautiful and romantic cities like Santorini, Venice, Paris are the choices not to be missed. Let’s list these beautiful places with.

Rome, Italy

“All roads lead to Rome !” and so is love. Romantic Rome is the ideal destination for people in love. There is nothing more poetic than praying with the one you love at the Trevi fountain and walking together on the paved path from the fountain to the square – where the beautiful love of Princess Ann and him is witnessed. reporter in the classic film “Summer Vacation in Rome “. The most interesting monuments in Rome include the Colosseum (Colosseo), Venice Square and the Foro Italico open-air museum, the Cathedrals of San Pietro and San Paolo, the Vatican Museums, Piazza Garibandi, Piazza Navona, the Square. Spanish School – Spagna, Fountain of Trevi (Fontana di Trevi)…

Arriving in RomeYou will also visit the Vatican, a separate country located in the middle of Rome but without borders. Every Wednesday morning, you will have the pleasure of meeting the Pope as he speaks to the parishioners. Honeymoon travel in Rome can be without a tour guide because everything to see is in one route, just bring a travel guide like Lonely Planet is enough. City maps are available for free at airports and hotels. People here also speak English well. In Rome, you don’t have to worry about eating, the food is delicious. You can enter the restaurant, many restaurants are very good, pay attention to the menu and prices outside first. If you save money, eat pizza, don’t need to go to a restaurant because there are many pizza shops everywhere, about 4-5 EUR/person 1 lunch is full.

Paris, France

Paris is always on any list when it comes to romance and love. Not only attracting visitors with shopping activities, historical destinations, unique architecture, attractive cuisine, Paris is also an ideal wedding or honeymoon location chosen by many couples. including famous stars. Go to ParisCouples will feel the romance that covers everything here. Activities such as watching the sunset at the Eiffel Tower, walking hand-in-hand on the banks of the Senie River, or exploring museums, Versailles castle and making French pastries are sure to bring couples a unique experience. unforgettable honeymoon. If you come to Paris in the spring, you will definitely love the romantic beauty of this place, this season is also the favorite season of the French. Like spring in every other country, spring in France is filled with flowers all over the streets, on balconies and in every little house. You will see Paris appear like a familiar movie: People wearing thin coats, sitting at outdoor cafes enjoying a cup of coffee while looking at the street.

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Come summer, the weather in ParisIt is pleasant, the hottest is only up to 32°C because it is a temperate country. At this time, people often gather at public swimming pools, artificial seas to soak in the water, to sunbathe and enjoy cool drinks to dispel the heat. Next to autumn, the weather is cooler than summer, sometimes there will be rain, so in general, the weather is humid and a bit cold. Therefore, if you travel in the fall, you should also prepare a thick coat and an umbrella in case it suddenly rains. In winter, the temperature will be quite harsh for people from tropical countries like us because during the day, it is quite cloudy, the day is cold. When it snows, the temperature can drop to -5 °C, but this is rare, mostly still above minus temperatures. Although it is cold but the snow is not thick, you can still enjoy your honeymoon in Paris while watching the snow fall.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Although Amsterdam is known as a favorite destination for bachelor parties, it is also a place to visit on a honeymoon. The cobbled city and green canals make it perfect for a slow bike ride or a walk It is also a popular honeymoon destination for many couples. Vondelpark or Keukenhof are ideal for outdoor camping. Referring to the Netherlands, visitors think of a field of thousands of colorful tulips. Every year in early April, the tulip season begins to bloom. If visitors want to fully enjoy the beauty of 70 million tulips in Amsterdam, this is the most appropriate time. Amsterdam residents are extremely proud because this is the place where the world famous tulip festival is held every year. The Keukenhof Flower Festival takes place at the flower garden of the same name in the town of Lisse, southwest of Amsterdam. During the period from March 22 to May 20, visitors are free to immerse themselves in the world’s largest tulip garden and think they are lost in a dream. The beautiful beauty of 1600 species of tulips racing to bloom really makes visitors fall in love with just wanting to stay here forever.

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The Netherlands not only reminds visitors with its endless tulip fields, but it is also the kingdom of windmills. How to Amsterdam?18km is a suburban village called Zaanse Schans. There are a total of 13 windmills here. Of which 6 are hundreds of years old. These windmills sit silently on the banks of the dreamy Zaanse River, creating a rare lyrical scene. Zooming out further, on the opposite side of the river were thousands of other mortars. The harshness of weather and time have inadvertently destroyed the mills, so now only a few healthy ones remain. Stepping into the village of Zaanse Schans, visitors feel like they are visiting the world of giants. Because each towering mortar is attached to a tens of meters long propeller, it slowly welcomes the passing wind. To move here, visitors only need to take 10 minutes by train from the central station.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Spain is one of the main tourist destinations in the world, thanks to many of its own attractions. One more ideal destination for the most romantic, sweet and wonderful honeymoon tour in Europe – Spain. As the country with the most unique, diverse and rich culture in the world, Barcelona promises to bring couples the most authentic honeymoon vacation. While Spain’s Mediterranean coast is a great destination for newlyweds, the city of Barcelona offers couples the best culture, food, relaxation and entertainment experiences. . In addition, do not forget to visit Boqueria – the best market in the world, the Costa Brava coast, the unique architecture and famous tourist attractions in Spain.

The two most visited architectural wonders in Barcelona, ​​the work of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. If the Sagrada Familia is a huge Roman Catholic Church an Art Nouveau Gothic interpretation, then Casa Battlo is a unique structure called “House of Bones” (Casa del ossos) in the local language because there are some similarities with the visceral and skeletal systems. Guell Modern Park – This park has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the world cultural heritages and is one of the early works of art by architect Gaudi. Besides, La Rambla is the “check-in” point of most tourists when coming to Barcelona. This place concentrates many souvenir shops, restaurants, attractive street art performances. This is also the “clue”. of turns helps visitors explore Barcelona without getting lost. La Rambla, regardless of day or night, is crowded with visitors. You can hear the salesman’s “hola” offering, the sound of suitcases pulling from many tourists taking advantage of the street, and even the singing of birds in the trees along the roadside.

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London, United Kingdom

Romantic, historic and inspirational in nature, no city in the world can match the charm of always-brilliant London . From tall buildings, to classical architecture, from endless shopping spots to fascinating museums and from theme parks to lively pubs, this city will ensure that there will never be another day. Now there’s a dull moment on your honeymoon in London. Located in the heart of the UK, this capital city serves as a unique honeymoon destination that attracts a lot of newlyweds due to royalty and trend-setting culture. Be it a natural getaway, a romantic escape or an adventurous break, the city has a unique surprise for every couple looking forward to exploring London for their honeymoon.

The Queen’s Palace and Fort, also known as the Tower of London, is a historic site located in the heart of the city, on the north bank of the River Thames. This famous tourist destination in the UK was once a fortress and a famous detention place because of the great figures who were imprisoned as well as the history of hundreds of executions, murders, and violence. Today, the Tower of London is famous as one of the most intact preserved historical monuments, and was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1988. In addition, this famous tourist attraction in England is also very popular. Famous for its palaces, mints, archives, armories, or zoos, it was once London’s first zoo. Don’t miss the central White Tower, the oldest and most architecturally attractive part of the complex. At the far end of the White Tower is the Blood Tower,



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