If you love classic navy rums, you’ll love Black Strap Rum. The dark colour and richer taste of this rum make it a popular choice for cocktails. It’s best served in a Cuba Libre or a tropical drink. Learn how to create a cocktail using this rum.

Cruzan Black Strap Rum

Cruzan Black Strap Rum

Cruzan Black Strap Rum is a rum that is a favourite among mixologists. This American rum is a throwback to the classic navy rums that were popular in the U.S. Its rich taste and dark colour make it a good choice for tropical cocktails and Cuba Libre.

The rum is produced from cane juice that is boiled three times. The final boiling creates mineral-rich molasses. The resulting blackstrap has the lowest sugar content of any cane product, making it bitter and darker in color. Only a handful of producers use 100 percent blackstrap molasses in their production. Other producers add flavorings and sweeteners to give blackstrap rum its unique taste.

Cruzan Black Strap Rum is the perfect dark float in any tropical drink. Its rich flavor has a molasses flavor that complements citrus and ginger flavors. This rum is a favorite among mixologists and makes great floaters for tropical cocktails. It’s also an excellent addition to a Mai Tai.

The Cruzan Rum Company is located in the US Virgin Islands. The rums are aged in used bourbon barrels. The company’s Black Strap Rum is a ‘navy-style’ rum with a strong molasses taste. However, it’s a little lighter than a typical navy rum. It was originally marketed as a finishing element in Tiki-style cocktails.

A good mix of rums is essential for a good Cruzan Black Strap Rum cocktail. It should be at least half rum to ensure a balanced taste. This rum works best in drinks with a lot of strong flavors. For example, a cocktail that calls for a lot of Campari or passion fruit juice should feature large amounts of Cruzan Black Strap.

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Cruzan Black Strap Rum is a classic among mixologists. Its black color makes it a throwback to the navy rums of the U.S. It’s also a good choice for tropical drinks. The rum’s flavor is similar to that of molasses and it is not as heavy as a traditional navy rum. It can be used in tropical cocktails or Cuba Libre and is very popular.

Gosling’s Family Reserve Old rum

Gosling’s Family Reserve Old rum

Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum is a blend of different Bermuda rums that is aged in barrels for sixteen to twenty years. It shares the same recipe as Gosling Rum Black Seal, but is aged much longer, reaching a level of complexity comparable to scotch.

This rum was inspired by the family’s roots and is produced in small batches. It costs $70 a bottle, and has no age statement on the label. Gosling’s makes this aged rum in small batches, which are then bottled in Champagne bottles and sealed with wax.

The packaging is a classic. The dark green champagne bottle has a frosted cap and a cork that is wax sealed. A handwritten bottle number and label are on the back. A simple metal band is on the front label. It’s made in Bermuda, but the history of the brand can’t be disputed.

The Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum is made with the same rum blend as the Black Seal Rum, but is aged for an additional 16 to 19 years in charred oak barrels. As such, it is the perfect sipping rum. In fact, Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum has been named the “#1 Aged Rum in the World” by Caribbean Journal. It is best served neat or with ice.

Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum is a faithful replica of one of the distillery’s greatest hits. The dark, rich flavors of cocoa, black pepper and orchard fruits are all present in the spirit, which is an impressive example of a complex classic. The only difference between this rum and the original is the rum’s origin: it is not made from sugarcane.

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James Gosling and his brother Ambrose Gosling founded their shop in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1824. This shop remained in the Gosling family for 127 years. In 1861, they began selling a distinctive dark rum. This rum was first imported in oak barrels. Later, during World War I, the Gosling Brothers started selling it in champagne bottles. This was the first time that the Gosling Brothers company began selling a black rum.

Distilled from blackstrap molasses

Distilled from blackstrap molasses

Craft distillers in the United States are now using blackstrap molasses to create rums that are naturally black in color. The Utah distillery Waterpocket Distillery uses blackstrap molasses in its whiskey, as well as refined sugar. Co-owner Adam Scott says they prefer blackstrap molasses for its complex bitter flavor.

Molasses is a common ingredient in alcohol production, but its composition varies considerably. This is due to differences in the cane varieties, cultivation practices, and soil types used to produce molasses. Additionally, blackstrap molasses produced in different countries has different properties.

Blackstrap molasses is a byproduct of sugar production. It begins as sugarcane juice and is boiled to crystallize it. The resulting mixture is filtered to remove the sugar and leave the thick, brown liquid, or molasses. The blackstrap version of molasses is thicker, darker, and has a slightly bitter taste. It is more nutrient-dense than other molasses and has gained popularity as a health supplement in recent years.

Blackstrap rum can be found in a variety of styles. Its flavor differs from regular molasses because it has a much lower sugar content than regular molasses. Some producers add caramel coloring to their rums to give it the appearance of aged rums. Blackstrap rums can be used in cocktails like the Dark ‘N’ Stormy or Corn ‘N’ Oil. These rums are generally more mild and subtle than other styles of rum.

The fermentation of blackstrap molasses results in a thick mash that has a density of 55 to 63 degrees Brix and a pH level of substantially 5.0. The yeast used in the process seeds the mash at 28 to 30 degrees C. This ferments the mixture until the final blackstrap molasses is formed.

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Cocktails made with black strap rum

Cocktails made with black strap rum

If you like blackstrap rum, you will enjoy these tropical cocktails. Corn ‘n’ Oil is an old fashioned Caribbean drink that is made with blackstrap rum. Its name is a play on the fact that blackstrap rum is black, just like an oil slick. Its origin is murky, but most accounts trace it back to Barbados. Falernum is another rum flavoring that lends a tropical flair to Tiki drinks.

Black Strap Rum pairs well with pineapple, ginger and citrus. Its aroma and flavor are strong and complement tropical flavors well. It also makes an excellent finishing element for cocktails. Its flavor is robust and has a licorice taste. Its distinctive flavor complements many types of rum, making it a versatile choice for cocktails.

Blackstrap rum works well with citrus, bitter and spicy ingredients. It is the perfect complement to the classic Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail. It also makes an excellent base for the Session version, which uses a lower-proof rum and amaro Montenegro. Another popular cocktail using blackstrap rum is the Stygian Mojito. Its flavor is boosted by Demerara simple syrup and Branca Menta.

Blackstrap rum is often used in cocktails that call for a dark rum. Its flavor is stronger and sweeter than a standard dark rum. If you use it sparingly, you can create a cocktail with more blackstrap in the mix. A blackstrap rum can also be used as a salt and pepper alternative in other recipes.

If you are looking for a simple, yet elegant drink, blackstrap rum will do the trick. This cocktail has the right flavor profile and can be made quickly with basic ingredients. For a more complex drink, add aromatic bitters to make it more complex. And you can be ready to serve it in just a few minutes.


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