If you want to get drunk, you can make jello shots with tequla. You can also make Tequila sunrise jello shots. These drinks are very simple to make, and can be a great way to celebrate a special occasion. These drinks have a gelatin content that takes about 2 to 4 hours to harden.

Margarita jello shots

Margarita jello shots

To make these drinks, all you need is some lime gelatin and some boiling water. Place these ingredients into a large measuring cup with a spout. Chill in the refrigerator for at least two hours. If you want them to be stronger, you can add up to 2/3 cup tequila. Just make sure to add the right amount, or the Jello shots won’t set properly. Once they’re chilled, garnish the shots with a lime wedge.

To make the shots, use a lime-flavored jello. You can purchase a generic brand, but it’s important to make sure you get the flavor right. Mix the gelatin with water, and then add the tequila. If you want the shot to have a more boozy taste, you can also add fruit puree, flavored simple syrup, or other liquid. You can also make these boozy jello shots with cranberry juice for a Christmas-themed party.

These jello shots are delicious and easy to make. You don’t need complicated ingredients or fancy techniques to make them. These cocktails are the perfect appetizer for any party! Make sure to serve them in lime-shaped plastic cups! They are great for entertaining, and they’re easy to make.

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Margaritas are a delicious, sweet, and tart drink. This jello shot recipe is a delicious way to replicate a liquid Margarita. The unflavored gelatin in these Jello shots will give you the same delicious flavor as the real thing.

To prepare Margarita jello shots, you need margarita mix and gelatin. Prepare the gelatin by adding 1/4 cup of water. Mix the gelatin with the juice and sugar until it dissolves completely. Pour the mixture into the plastic condiment cups. Allow the mixture to cool in the fridge for at least two hours, then remove the cups. Garnish with a slice of lime and serve.

Margarita jello shots are a fun drink to serve at any party. They are the perfect combination of sweet and tart, and they are delicious and easy to prepare. These margarita jello shots are great for a Cinco de Mayo party or tailgating. If you want to serve them at your next party, give them a try. They are the perfect addition to any menu.

The gelatin in these shots won’t set if you add too much liquor to the mixture. It’s important to follow the recipe exactly to ensure that they’ll set correctly. They don’t freeze well, so make them a day or two ahead of time.

To make the jello shots, you must first prepare the lime juice and margarita salt in a shallow bowl. Next, you need to boil the margarita mix. After boiling, cool the mixture to room temperature, and then stir in the cold tequila. Refrigerate for at least four hours to allow the gelatin to set before serving. If you want to serve them immediately, you can rim the shot glasses with margarita salt.

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To make the Margarita jello shots with a little more flavor, you can use different liqueurs. A good choice is triple sec, which has a sweet/tart taste. Another flavor to consider is peach schnapps. A flavor like peach schnapps makes the shots taste like a candy bar. A good quality flavored vodka is also perfect for jello shots.

To make this drink, you’ll need 2oz plastic shot glasses. You can purchase these at your local restaurant supply store. To prepare the jello shot, you need to combine the jello powder with a cup of boiling water. Stir well for two minutes, then add half a cup of cold water. Then, pour in the vodka.

Tequila sunrise jello shots

Tequila Sunrise Jello Shot
Tequila Sunrise Jello Shot

Tequila sunrise jello shots are a delightful dessert that taste like a tequila sunrise. Served in mandarin peels, they are a colorful and refreshing way to celebrate summer. The recipe calls for tequila and cherry jello, which are then layered in a decorative fashion for a stunning presentation.

These layered cocktails are delicious and easy to prepare. To make the cocktails, simply mix equal parts of cherry and orange jello with a splash of Tequila. Pour into a 12-oz plastic cup. Add a few ice cubes to the mixture and serve! This summery cocktail is perfect for pool parties or backyard bbqs.

Tequila sunrise jello shots are an easy to make and delicious twist on an old classic cocktail. You can easily double or triple the recipe if you’re entertaining friends. The shot can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Whether you’re hosting a party or just hanging out with friends, Tequila sunrise jello shots will please your guests!

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To make the Tequila sunrise jello shots, choose a tequila that has been aged for at least two months, or preferably a year. The more aged tequila has a smoother flavor that will pair well with the jello. Also, try to find one that’s gluten-free.

When serving a Tequila sunrise jello shot, make sure that you chill the ingredients thoroughly. When the jello shots are chilled, the garnishes can be placed on top. The fruity cocktail also goes well with orange wedges. The tequila-flavored jello should be garnished with an orange wedge or a maraschino cherry.

Tequila sunrise jello shots are a unique way to celebrate summer. They’re great as party favors and come in many different flavors. You can use shot glasses or jello shot plastic cups for serving. These shots come with a lid and are perfect for luaus or birthday parties. They’re easy to make and are cheap to prepare. The ingredients for Tequila sunrise jello shots are probably already in your pantry or refrigerator.

Once the orange layer is ready, you can mix the orange and cherry jello gelatin. Pour the mixture into the two-ounce plastic cups and let them chill for two hours. Once the orange layer is firm, you’re ready to enjoy the Tequila sunrise jello shot.


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