Located in the heart of the Italian capital Rome, 5-star hotels with luxury and impressive decoration style will be a great choice for qualified travelers. And here are the 5 best places to visit here.

Rome is the capital and largest city in Italy. Every year, this place attracts millions of tourists to visit the resort, especially during the festival season or the summer months.

Below,  would like to introduce to visitors the top 5 star hotels with the best service quality to help visitors have more choices of accommodation when coming to Rome.

Hotel Boscolo Exedra Roma, Autograph Collection

Address: Piazza Della Repubblica, 47, RM 00185

Scale: 238 rooms, 5 floors

Nearby areas: Roman Forum (1.6km), Traijan Market (1.1km), Fountain (1.3km), Basilica di Santa Maggiore (0.8km), Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (0) ,3km).

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Palazzo Montemartini Hotel

Address: Largo Giovanni Montermartini, 20

Size: 82 rooms

Nearby areas: Roman Forum (2km), Galleria Borghese (1.6km), Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (1.1km), Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (0.7km).

Splendide Royal Hotel

Address: Via Di Porta Pinciana 14, RM 00187

Scale: 68 rooms, 7 floors

Nearby areas: Roman Forum (1.9km), Trevi Fountain (1km), Galleria Borghese (0.9km), Spanish Steps (0.7km), Villa Borghese (0.7km).

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Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Resorts

Address: Via Alberto Cadlolo 101, RM 00136

Scale: 370 rooms, 11 floors

Nearby: MAXXI National Museum (3.4km), Olympic Stadium (3.3km), St. Peter’s (3.6km), Vatican Museums (2.4km).

Majestic Hotel

Address: Via Vittirio Veneto 50, RM 00187

Scale: 98 rooms, 5 floors

Neighborhoods: Roman Forum (1.8km), Villa Borghese (1km), Trevi Fountain (0.9km), Spanish Steps (0.7km).


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