The United States is a federal constitutional republic consisting of 50 states and 1 federal district. This country is located almost entirely in the Western Hemisphere, including continental states and Washington DC, the US capital also has 14 territories, also known as national waters, scattered in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. As one of the largest countries in the world, it also gives the United States the most majestic beauty that few other countries have. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the famous cities, which are considered the most beautiful cities in the United States in particular and in the world in general. Let’s explore the most beautiful cities in America with through the following article.

New York

Not only is New York known as the most charming and attractive city of the United States, New York is also considered as one of the most attractive tourist cities in the world.Coming to New York, you will surely admire the modern high-rise buildings with unique architectural features, attracting the eye of the beholder. In addition, New York is full of different cultures from all over the world. Here, you can find yourself the right hotel, shopping mall or restaurant… One of the most famous tourist attractions in New York must be mentioned is the Statue of Goddess. Free. This is a large statue given to the US by the French to further strengthen the friendship between the two countries and especially, the statue has also become a famous symbol of the US that any tourist coming here wants. visit. When coming here, in addition to discovering the external beauty of the statue, you can also go inside, explore the 12 towering floors of the statue is also very interesting.

Besides, the central park with a large area, more than 340ha, this place is considered as a beautiful, green oasis rising from the heart of the city and it is also a beautiful sightseeing and tourist destination in New Zealand . Yorkthat not only foreign tourists are interested, but the people here are also very interested. Every year, this place attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Here, you not only admire the beautiful green scenery, enjoy the wonderful atmosphere here, but you can also participate and experience many interesting activities such as camping, watching colorful birds. It can be said that this place is like a cultural center that combines nature and great healthy cultural entertainment activities to help you have a feeling. more excitement in your trip.

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Boston, the city of America’s world-famous tourist and research center.Founded in 1630 in the state of Massachusetts, Boston is the capital, largest city of the New England region in the northeastern United States, and one of the oldest cities with the oldest culture in the United States. The foundation of the city rests on the Puritan colonists from England on a peninsula called Shawmut by the Native Americans. The first European settlers in Boston first called the area Trimountaine. Today, Boston is the center city of a large metropolitan area called Greater Boston with more than 4.6 million people living. Since ancient times the city of Boston has been positioned as one of the most important harbors and as a center of manufacturing as well as an educational center, American culture until 1760 Boston became the largest and richest city with a strong influence on America. This is also the place where America’s historic revolution began in the process of gaining independence and freedom for Europe.

BostonAs the largest city with the third highest population density in the country, Irish Americans have great influence in political and religious institutions in Boston. It is located close to the Atlantic Ocean and is the only state capital with a coastline running along the city in the United States. Along Boston is a major port along the East Coast of the United States. It is the oldest industrial and fishing port in the Western Hemisphere with a continuous capacity. Because of its coastal location surrounded by the sea, Boston is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, so it has a continental climate that is very common in New England. The location of Massachusetts jutting out into the North Atlantic makes Boston influenced by the Northwest weather system. This gives the city a hot and humid climate in the summer, often with snow in the winter when the weather is cold and windy. Spring and autumn, the weather has a cool and mild climate, sometimes with a light fog, giving the city the name when it is one of the most beautiful autumn viewing spots in the US.

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Washington DC

Washington DC ( abbreviated for Washington, District of Columbia) is a federal administrative district (Federal District) and the capital of the United States. Surely you will not be able to miss a trip to Washington DC when coming to the United States. This is a city that is not very large, but contains all the main government agencies of this country. Many people often confuse Washington DC and Washington state located in the Northwest of the United States. Washington, DC has famous structures such as the Capitol, the White House, the Pentagon, the memorials of the late presidents and many large parks.

Washington D.CIt is home to many typical national architecture and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States. The National Mall is a large outdoor area in the heart of the city with many monuments commemorating the leaders of the United States; It is also the link between the White House and the buildings of the Capitol. Coming to Washington DC in the spring, you will be amazed at the blooming beauty of colorful flowers in the park or small gardens… You will have the opportunity to visit beautiful, unique gardens. unique in the world, such as Rose Garden, Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, and White House Garden. The Washington Monument is also a landmark that you should definitely not miss when coming to this city. Besides, there are many clubs, restaurants, museums… for you to choose to visit.


City of Miamiis a tourist city, a resort, resort with full services and the forefront of American tourism. Dubbed a tropical paradise, it features a year-round sunny climate with the highest amount of sunlight in the United States. In particular, Miami is also known as the freshest and cleanest city in the United States with clean streets, beaches, and parks, an ideal and attractive American tourist destination. Miami is a famous port city, famous for its beautiful beaches with white sand, clear blue sea, cool to bring moments of relaxation and great enjoyment. Miami port is also known as the yacht capital of the world because the port here is always crowded with ships docking, where the most beautiful and luxurious ships and yachts converge, and this has created a great beauty, breathtaking beauty of Biscayne Bay.

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Miami is an entertainment paradise, with beaches with soft white sands with beach activities such as beach volleyball, sailing, surfing, water sports. In addition, some areas are also reserved for picnics, picnics… Little Havana is a destination where visitors can discover a lot of interesting things. First, enjoy the cool coconut ice cream placed in the coconut skull, natural flavor, great fat, really refreshing. Besides, this is also the place where the famous Cuban cigars are produced by the manual method of hand winding from skilled and experienced artisans. Moreover, here visitors can admire the romantic and poetic landscape by the system of beautiful green vegetation, the unique architecture by the system of unique houses.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas not only has casinos, but also has a bustling day and night of high-class shows, along with extremely unique hotel and resort designs. All have turned this place into the most luxurious place and dubbed the city that never sleeps. Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada, the capital of Clark County, and a world-renowned resort, gambling and dining city. Las Vegas calls itself the entertainment capital of the world, famous for its casino resorts and related entertainment. The city has been chosen as the setting for many movies and TV shows.

Las Vegas is known as a paradise of entertainmentHere, there are many famous modern spas, large 5-star hotels and international standard golf courses. Besides, this city is also a very unique nature museum. People call Las Vegas “sin city – sin city” because of its own reason. Here, people easily date and meet and get married, but there are also many marriages that fall apart quickly. Coming to Las Vegas you are already a winner, firstly conquering the harsh weather here, secondly you can win to become a millionaire if you are lucky with chess games. But above all, if you overcome the temptations of money and lust here, you have conquered yourself. On the contrary, you can fall into empty-handed chess games because of huge bonuses.


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