America has a rich and diverse cuisine. The cuisine here is a combination of many cuisines in the world. Perhaps that is why the taste of American cuisine has many unique and unforgettable features. Let’s explore 59 delicious dishes of America with Ximgo through the content of the article below.

About American cuisine

As mentioned above, American cuisine is a blend of all countries in the world such as the US, Mexico, Italy, France, etc. It is the fact that there are many immigrants that is the reason for American cuisine. increasingly rich and diverse. Visitors who have tasted delicious American dishes will certainly not be able to forget the delicious taste and delicate and beautiful decoration.

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1. Apple pie – USA

Referring to apple pie, many people will probably immediately think of a country that is the US. Although originating in the UK, Apple pie has quickly transformed and become an icon in the diverse pastry world in the US.

2. Parrilla grilled meat – Argentina

Referring to 59 delicious dishes in the Americas, it is impossible to ignore the Argentinian Parrilla (charcoal-grilled beef ribs). The delicious beef dish served with spicy sausages, pork sausages… brings an irresistible delicious taste.

3. Scrambled Eggs – Southwest America

Although it is called an egg roll, the main ingredients to make this dish are cornstarch and some spices of the Southwest. The cake is fried golden like the eye-catching color of eggs.
Southwest scrambled eggs aren’t really an egg roll in its own right. The ingredients used to make the cake are mainly corn flour combined with some special spices found in the Southwest region, then the cake is thoroughly fried until it has an eye-catching golden brown color.

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4. Black bean rice – Brazil

Black bean rice is a famous traditional dish of people living in Brazil. This rice dish is not only delicious but also very nutritious. In addition to rice, beans, black bean rice dishes are often served with bacon, sausages, onions…

5. Margaritas – USA

In addition to savory dishes, visitors should sample drinks in the US. Margaritas are drinks you can find at any bar. With concentrated lemonade, orange juice, ice and tequila, Margaritas is cool and refreshing.

6. Grilled Lamb – Patagonia

Instead of using beef, people in Patagonia especially love grilled lamb. The rich, delicious taste of a piece of grilled lamb will surely impress you.

7. Mashed avocado – USA

You must be thinking that mashed avocado can’t be eaten anywhere? Then definitely taste a cup of avocado mashed in the US to know the special flavor of this dish. Standard U.S. butter must have a creamy consistency and accurately measured ingredients.

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8. Taco taste number 1 – USA

Taco is a popular dough dish at restaurants in the US. With the characteristic spicy flavor from chili, garlic powder and onion, you will feel the difference in both taste and color of decoration.

9. Pizza – New York

Although originating from Italy, Pizza has become a famous delicacy in the world with variations from the Americas. The thin, crispy base and large size served with cheese and ketchup are the difference for Pizza in New York.

10. Lemon Cake – Florida

If you want to enjoy one of the most unusual delicacies in the 59 delicious dishes of America, then don’t miss the lemon cake. This cake is made from lemon juice, condensed milk and egg yolk. Especially this cake does not use oven and fresh milk.


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