Food in Toronto is a fusion of a variety of cuisines, spanning the world from Spain to Thailand… And of course, at its core, Canadian cuisine. Restaurants in Toronto are always appreciated for their perfect dishes from taste to aesthetics. In addition, to understand more about Toronto cuisine, you should also try to experience the bold street food here. If you don’t have time to try all the dishes here, the following list of completely creative, unique Torontonian dishes is a great option to check out.

Toronto sausages with many choices

Sausages in Toronto come in a variety of exotic flavors. For example, kangaroo, wild boar, bison, deer sausage, beef sausage, traditional pork sausage… In addition, fast food stores also provide you with french fries. with unique duck fat. The prices for the sausages are also very affordable. So you can enjoy many different flavors at the same time.

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Hamburgers that fill your stomach

They are so named because a giant hamburger can sometimes be sandwiched up to six pieces of meat, six pieces of cheese, three parts of bacon and then sandwiched into a grilled cheese sandwich. Instead of sandwiches as usual. In addition, the cake also has enough green vegetables and tomatoes to reduce the taste of the dish. Just taste a giant hamburger, your stomach will be “filled” in an instant.

Toronto ice cream with liquid chocolate

Some ice cream shops in Toronto have a very unique way of preparing them. Instead of keeping the original ice cream flavor or adding fruit syrup on top, they will pour liquid chocolate sauces (like chocolate hazelnut or caramel) on top. Therefore, the taste of ice cream has become much more special than ordinary ice cream.

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Chocolate is also one of the most loved sweets in Toronto. They are formed into many attractive colored pellets with many different shapes. The two most popular types of chocolate are traditional dark chocolate and white chocolate. Each type will have a different characteristic flavor that only when you taste it directly can you feel how delicious they all are.

Toronto Butter Tart

If you want to find traditional dishes, then the Butter Tart is the dish you should try. You can buy this cake anywhere in Toronto. But for the best, you should head to the Ontario countryside. Here you will find authentic Butter Tarts. Butter tarts are made from a mixture of sugar, eggs, and butter. Then just bake them. Looks pretty much like cupcakes. But the outer shell is crispy, the filling is sweet with the syrupy taste. Avocado tart promises to be a cake you can’t resist when discovering food in Toronto.

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Grilled meat bread

Sounds too simple right? We also have Vietnam, but each region will have different processing methods. So is the country of Toronto. Think of eating a grilled meat sandwich with the fat melting on the tip of your tongue. What else is warm in the middle of a winter day?

Coming to Toronto, in addition to being able to enjoy many snacks, you can also taste many other unique traditional dishes. See more articles about Toronto cuisine: Food of the city of Toronto, Canada you should try once


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