Switzerland is a stunning place to visit. This article will discuss a few of the most beautiful places you can find in the country. From Lucerne to Basel and Zurerbrunnen, this country has something for everyone. The scenery is stunning and the people are warm and friendly.



If you want to see one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland, you should visit Lucerne. The city has many things to offer. You can see the iconic Lion of Lucerne, which is 31 meters tall and is a monument to Swiss soldiers who fought during the French Revolution. The memorial has a lion in mourning, and you can also see a shield with the coat of arms of Switzerland and fleur-de-lis. The city’s Jesuit Church is a stunning building and was built in 1677. This is the first baroque building in Switzerland, and you can admire its beautiful architecture.

Another beautiful place in Lucerne is the Glacier Garden. The area was formed by retreating glaciers 20,000 years ago and features fossils of shellfish and palm fronds. You can see these in the museum, which is housed in a former home of the Amrein family. The museum also includes an 18th century relief model of Switzerland and rock specimens from the region.

The Old Town of Lucerne is also worth a visit. It’s filled with historic buildings that are beautifully preserved. From timber frame houses to the early Renaissance Florentine style, you’ll find a wide variety of architecture. The old town is very compact, and you can easily explore it on foot. The buildings are decorated in many different ways, and many have beautiful paintings and ornaments.



Basel is located in the northwestern part of Switzerland, and is a beautiful city with a long history and a buzzing arts scene. There are lots of galleries and museums here, including the historic Basel Cathedral, which dates back to the middle ages. The city’s cobbled streets are also beautiful, and you can explore them on a city tour. The city is a blend of old and new, with modern buildings flanked by beautiful natural scenery.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Switzerland, consider spending a few days in Basel. This city is full of interesting attractions and is home to one of the largest art collections in the world. If you’re looking to spend some time exploring museums, then you might want to visit the Oskar Reinhart Museum in St. Gallen, located near the lake. While this city is not a popular tourist destination, it is one of the best places to go in Switzerland if you want to avoid the crowds.

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The city is home to several museums, including the Fine Arts Museum and the Museum Tinguely, which contains some of the world’s most mysterious machines. If you’re looking for a more relaxed place to stay in Basel, you may want to consider staying in a hostel or bed and breakfast. A community hostel is a great option for budget travelers, and has a great location close to attractions.



Zermatt is the perfect place to enjoy a winter holiday. It is completely car-free and offers several different activities, including skiing and snowboarding. It is also an ideal place for snowshoeing. The town also has several curling rinks. It is also far enough away from major cities to avoid large weekend crowds.

Located in the Valais region, Zermatt is a beautiful mountain resort that is surrounded by steep mountains. It is home to the famous Matterhorn, which is one of the world’s most iconic peaks. Visitors to Zermatt can marvel at its panoramic views of the Alps and take part in a number of activities.

If you’re looking for something more relaxing, there are a number of luxury hotels in Zermatt. You can stay in one of these and save money. You can also rent a luxury chalet for a more lavish vacation. There are also plenty of self-catering options in Zermatt if you’re on a budget.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing day out, you can spend an afternoon hiking around the valley. The Gornergrat restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Zermatt, with a panoramic view of the Alps. The restaurant has a patio that is accessible by a Bahn. The Bahn ride is about 30 minutes long and tickets cost about $30.


If you’re looking for some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland, look no further. The Rhine Falls are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The waterfall measures 150 metres in width and 23 metres in height. It’s a perfect example of the beautiful Swiss countryside and the surrounding Alps.

Located between Zurich and Schaffhausen, the waterfalls are best visited during the summer months. You can take a train or bike to reach them. Taking a boat ride across the lake is another great way to see them. There’s also plenty to do besides relaxing by the falls.

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While not always located on the busy tourist streets of the big cities, the best places to visit in Switzerland are often hidden in the mountains, accessible only by cable car or twisting mountain roads. Here, the beauty is captured in the mist of waterfalls and emerald lakes. The scenery is complemented by clicking cameras, and poets have immortalized the majestic castles that dot the landscape.

If you have time, take a ride on the cogwheel railway that reaches the peak of Mount Pilatus. It has a 48% incline and provides breathtaking views of Lake Lucerne. It’s also possible to hike along the lake’s shoreline, which is often frozen. In rare winter conditions, the lake can even be used as an ice skating rink.

St. Moritz Dorf

Located in the Engadine region of Switzerland, St. Moritz is renowned for its altitude and snowy slopes. This beautiful town is also home to the oldest bobsled track in the world. The city also hosts world and national championships in this sport.

The city is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful landscape. Visitors can walk along the scenic, quaint streets of the town or rent a boat to cruise the lake and enjoy the panoramic view of Monte San Salvatore. While in the town, visitors can tour the historic St. Germain Castle, which has been converted into a museum.

You can take a ride on the funicular to Corviglia, a scenic ski resort at 2,005 meters. If you’d rather ride a cable car or a gondola, there’s also a cabin cable car that climbs to the summit of Piz Nair, which is at 3,057 meters. Another scenic route is the Signalbahn, a cable car that serves the Signalkuppe ski area.

For those who like to hike and climb, there’s also a glacier that is right next door. The Morteratsch Glacier is the third largest glacier in the eastern Alps. It’s visible from a distance, so it’s easy to spot it even from a distance.

UNESCO-listed Jungfraujoch

UNESCO-listed Jungfraujoch

The UNESCO-listed Jungfraujoch sits 3,454 metres above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding region. It is surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Great Aletsch Glacier. From the Jungfraujoch, visitors can hike on the Eiger Trail or Panorama Way or take a gondola ride down to the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

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The UNESCO-listed Jungfraujoch in Switzerland is a year-round destination for mountain lovers. The train ride up to the UNESCO-listed summit will take you to the highest railway station in Europe and offers a breathtaking view of the imposing peaks.

In addition to the Jungfraujoch, the UNESCO-listed Swiss National Park is another must-see destination. It’s the country’s only national park and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is one of the oldest parks in Europe and enforces strict rules to protect its wildlife. It encompasses 170 square kilometers of the Western Rhaetian Alps and offers 80 kilometers of hiking trails. The park is home to an incredible number of species of wildlife.

If you’re interested in a bit of history, there’s the Piz Gloria. The famous revolving restaurant is known to have been used in James Bond films. Location scouts actually discovered the restaurant in the late 1960s while it was still under construction.

UNESCO-listed Murren

Visit the UNESCO-listed Murren in Switzerland to enjoy the views of the Alps, a car-free village, and the many outdoor activities available. Murren is also an excellent base to explore the nearby Bernese Oberland and Jungfrau Region. The village has 450 residents and is situated at the foot of the Schilthorn mountain. It is a picturesque setting with magnificent views of the surrounding glaciers and 72 waterfalls.

Located on a broad shelf above the Lauterbrunnen valley, Murren offers some of the most spectacular views of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. The UNESCO-listed village is accessible by cableway and funicular train from Lauterbrunnen and Stechelberg. The first train leaves at 6.06 am, and last trains leave at 7.38 pm.

There are many options for accommodation in the town of Murren. Choose a hotel that offers breakfast or an en-suite room with a private bath. There are also plenty of activities for children. There’s an adventure playground, a connection to the Murren ski slopes, and a playground with a sledge run.

The beautiful mountains surrounding Murren make it an excellent hiking destination. Hiking enthusiasts will love the scenic routes and beautiful park benches along the way. The village also offers a number of themed walks that can be tailored to the tastes of tourists.


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