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Wellness retreats offer a way to reboot your physical and mental health. However, making real changes requires more than a 20-minute meditation session or a sweaty HIIT workout. The key is changing your mindset. Retreats help you change your habits and develop a new mindset for health.

Esalen Institute

Esalen Institute

The Esalen Institute, a center for personal growth and transformation, offers wellness retreats in the US and around the world. Founded by Stanford graduates Michael Murphy and Dick Price, the institute is modeled after Eastern spiritual traditions such as Zen Buddhism and Yoga. Since its inception, it has become an important center in the human potential movement. Its programs incorporate yoga, meditation, and the earth sciences, as well as guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds.

The Esalen Institute is located on the scenic coastline of Big Sur, California. The campus is surrounded by the indigo Pacific Ocean and the majestic Santa Lucia Mountains. Guests can choose to stay in the campus’ guesthouses or join longer workshops taught by visiting faculty. The Institute offers several wellness retreats and education programs each year, ranging from yoga and meditation to mindfulness and spirituality. The retreats range in price, and accommodations vary from sleeping in a shared meeting room to staying in a luxurious South Point House suite.

The Esalen Institute also offers several unique movement and meditation programs. Guests can attend workshops and classes led by renowned faculty from various disciplines. Some of the workshops and classes are offered free of charge. Some workshops are held on the dance platform. Other classes include Yin Yoga, singing classes, and NIA. The Institute has also hosted a 12-Step Tribe, writing groups, and meditation groups.

In addition to their yoga and meditation classes, Esalen also offers a spa with hot springs. The spa has four communal tubs as well as private tubs for solo bathers. While bathing in the hot springs, guests are not required to wear masks. There are also indoor meeting spaces and art barns that are open to guests.

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Canyon Ranch Lenox

Canyon Ranch Lenox

Canyon Ranch is a wellness retreat that has been setting the bar for health resorts for over 40 years. Its first Arizona location opened in 1978 and has since earned the reputation of being one of the most luxurious destination spa vacations in the world. Today, the wellness resort boasts a range of treatments and programs that blend Eastern and Western traditions.

Canyon Ranch Lenox offers a holistic approach to wellness, which includes fitness services, nutrition and spiritual practices. Its staff will work with you to create an itinerary that meets your needs. The spa offers comprehensive services that will help you feel better physically and mentally. In addition, guests will be able to access a wellness guide, which will help them determine their personal wellness goals and needs.

Dining at Canyon Ranch Lenox is designed to complement the programs. Guests can opt to eat in the main dining room, the demonstration kitchen, a café or the seasonal outdoor Café Jardin. The resort is open to guests who are 14 years and older. The resort does not serve alcohol or smoking. The focus is on rejuvenation and rest.

Whether you are a seasoned wellness practitioner or an absolute beginner, Canyon Ranch is an incredible destination. The retreat is designed to help you transform yourself by learning new ways to live better, and it offers the tools you need to keep up your good health. The company’s mission statement has helped many people make the right decisions to live healthier and more productive lives.

Lumeria Maui

Lumeria Maui

Located in Upcountry Maui, Lumeria Maui offers classes in yoga, meditation, healing arts, metaphysical studies, horticulture, culture, dance, and more. It also has guest rooms for visitors to the island. Overnight lodgers must enroll in the daily classes, and be a part of a focused retreat group.

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The Lumeria Maui wellness retreat is ideal for those seeking an alternative to a traditional hotel stay. Its peaceful setting allows you to unwind and relax in an environment that’s both serene and luxurious. You can practice yoga or meditation on the beach or soak in a spa adorned with healing crystals. You can also enjoy outdoor yoga and stand-up paddling classes.

The Lumeria Maui wellness retreat is surrounded by a lush Hawaiian landscape. The welcoming staff welcomes you with a warm towel and a glass of lemon water. There’s a soothing water feature to sit and relax by, so you can take in the stunning landscape. The atmosphere here is all about slowing down and taking in the island’s natural beauty.

The Lumeria Maui is a luxury wellness retreat located in upcountry Makawao, Hawaii. Just 30 minutes from Kahului Airport, the hotel has 24 rooms designed to help you unplug. The resort has no televisions in the rooms and is designed to offer a quiet, meditative retreat. The Lumeria’s restaurants, such as the Wooden Crate, serve locally grown and organic food, with the goal of enhancing your wellness.

Lumeria Maui is a destination Maui wellness retreat located between Makawao and Paia. The resort is near world-class beaches and surf spots, and it also has some of Maui’s best hiking and biking trails.


The Cal-a-Vie Wellness Retreat offers a variety of wellness and spa experiences. This California resort features six-hundred acres of lush gardens with ponds, streams, and antique landscape ornaments. The retreat offers healthy meals, mindfulness meditation, and fitness classes.

The retreat aims to help people focus their energies on making positive changes in their lives. Participants attend seminars and classes led by experts in their fields. The retreats allow participants to reflect on their lives and their own lives. It inspires them to strive for continuous improvement and growth. In addition, it offers a relaxing environment, which helps individuals regain their sense of well-being.

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While a Cal-a-Vie wellness retreat focuses on physical fitness, it also promotes socialization. Guests are encouraged to mingle with other guests, and they can choose to attend alone or with a partner. Cal-a-Vie also offers recreational activities such as volleyball and bocce ball.

A wellness retreat is the perfect place to focus on yourself. It’s an ideal time to decide what kind of life you want. The exotic setting will help you change the way you think and look back at your past. The wellness techniques that you learn will be a part of your new life.

The Cal-a-Vie Health Spa is a luxurious all-inclusive wellness retreat in Vista, California. This resort offers a wide variety of wellness classes, spa services, and nutrition classes. With luxury accommodations and daily flexibility, you’ll be amazed by the options for your retreat.

Madeline Hotel & Residences

Madeline Hotel & Residences is part of the Auberge Resorts Collection. Guests enjoy exquisite therapies and fine dining while staying at this luxury resort. The hotel is also located near 84 ski trails during the winter and fly fishing in the summer. Guests are also within driving distance to the Sheridan Opera House and Montrose Regional Airport.

The Madeline Hotel & Residences is a four-star hotel in the mountain village of Telluride, Colorado. It features a fully-equipped fitness center, a year-round outdoor pool, and two restaurants. Each room at the Madeline features a cozy seating area, flat-screen TV, and iPod docking stations. Rooms also feature free WiFi and complimentary breakfast.

The Madeline Spa offers a variety of treatments, from deep-tissue massages to hot stone massages. The spa is a popular spot for a wellness retreat, and the hotel’s five treatment rooms are also great for couples. The spa also offers manicures and pedicures, and there’s even a couple’s room.


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