America is a convergence of quintessence, unique ideas that are not easy to find anywhere. Typically among them are restaurants in the United States with extremely fancy and impressive architectural styles.

The country of flags is a world-famous power, also a convergence of quintessence and unique ideas that are not easy to find anywhere. Typically among them are restaurants in the United States with extremely fancy and impressive architectural styles.

Safe House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Safe House can be seen as a quaint restaurant. When you arrive at the restaurant, you will be surprised to see that this is a building belonging to International Exports limited liability company. Designed in the style of the Cold War with “strange” decorations.

Safe House

American tourists will be even more excited to know that to get inside you have to enter a password as required and this place also contains hidden doors and passages full of secrets.

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Fritz’s Railroad, Kansas City, MO

If you are a train enthusiast, Fritz’s Railroad restaurant will satisfy that with a great creative idea from the railway style. When you arrive, you order via a landline phone, and the chefs deliver the food to you using a Skat Kat train engine running on the tracks directly above.

Fritz’s Railroad restaurant

The Cave, Richland, MO

If you have traveled to the Americas, you should once enjoy dinner at one of the most famous restaurants in the US and can mention the impressive Batman cave, this is an interesting American travel experience for you. your journey. The Cave restaurant has up to 250 seats for diners with a view of the romantic Gasconade river. The menu is also extremely rich for you to easily choose such as: mac’n’cheese made with bread, fried cucumber, stuffed mushrooms… In addition, before eating, visitors can take a walk. Take a scenic tour in a canoe or relax in a canoe in Missouri.’

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The Cave Restaurant

Harvey Wahbangers, College Station

Most of the American tourists who come here are very surprised and feel interesting with this place. This is a restaurant that is a unique combination of restaurant and laundry if required. When you come to Harvey Wahbangers, you can enjoy the restaurant’s delicious dishes such as pork sausage with cheese (chorizo ​​queso), Buffalo fried chicken wings, Banger burgers… and don’t forget the famous beer, which Great Texas Drinks.

Harvey Wahbangers

Magic Restroom Café, Log Angeles

The restaurant’s humorous layout was inspired by the Modern Toilet chain in Taipei. Here, our diners will sit right on the toilet with Taiwanese-flavored dishes placed in a country toilet, making the enjoyment of the food even more refreshing. Magic Restroom Café is also a favorite destination of many diners in the US tour and is one of the most famous restaurants in the US .

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Magic Restroom Café

The Airplane, Colorado Springs, CO

Inspired and designed from a retired Boeing KC-97. The owner of The Airplane restaurant has created an impressive space for the restaurant with a bar and a restaurant. All are decorated with dozens of special aviation memorabilia, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of American tourists when they have the opportunity to come here.

The Airplane Restaurant

Besides, the dishes in the restaurant are quite interesting because they are named after puns and related to the aviation industry. For example, the Philly Flyer sandwich called Air Tower…

American cuisine is very rich and attractive, so do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicacies of the country of flags at these strange and unique restaurants.


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