You won’t be considered to be in Brazil without enjoying a glass of caipirinha or going to Argentina and forgetting about yerba mate.

In addition to food, local specialty drinks are the perfect way for visitors to discover and better understand the unique culture of each place you visit. One of the most interesting questions for tourists is: “If I visit your country, what typical drink should I not miss”.

Here are some typical drinks in countries that visitors should try if they have the opportunity to visit.


During your trip to this beautiful and hot South American country, you shouldn’t miss sipping on a sweet caipirinha. It is a famous and popular tropical drink in Brazil, pressed from fresh fruits such as lemons, oranges, watermelons, peaches…

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However, the “soul” of this cocktail is cachaca – a beverage made from fermented fresh sugarcane. Caipirinha is celebrated as the national cocktail of Brazil and is used by everyone in restaurants, bars and even in households.


Root-beer floats (made from vanilla ice cream and non-alcoholic beverages) are voted by many Americans as a national specialty drink that visitors must try when they have the opportunity to visit. Root Beer is very popular in the north of the US. When made into a cocktail it has a very delicious fruity taste

In addition, sweet tea in the South (sugar tea) and martini are also two widely used beverages in the US.

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Root Beer is very popular in the north of the US.


When visiting Canada, visitors should try sipping a glass of Sortilege – a cocktail using Whiskey and maple syrup – or Coureur des Bois – a drink for a sweeter taste and popular with women.

Coming to Canada, you should not ignore the drinks made from maple syrup.


The typical and famous drink of Argentina is yerba mate tea – made by mixing the dried leaves of the Paraguayan tea plant (Iiex paraguariensis) with hot or cold water (called hot mate or cold mate). Today, yerba mate is also taken with sugar or milk.

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Yerba mate tea – a specialty drink of the Argentinians.

Usually, this mixture is stored in dried gourds (guampa) and drunk through a silver straw (bombilla). Yerba mate is well known as a healthy drink. However, today, many researchers have shown that drinking too much of this tea can be dangerous to health because when used traditionally by South Americans, mate contains a large amount of carcinogens. .

New Zealand

The beverage specialty of this beautiful country is Lemon & Paeroa – a refreshing soft drink made from lemon juice and clean mineral water from the town of Paeroa.

Lemon & Paeroa – famous drink in New Zealand.


In the southern Indian city of Maduraj, Jigarthanda is a popular street drink and enjoyed by many. People make this drink from milk, syrup, almond latex, seaweed… Indian people when asked about this drink always emphasize that it is a more than wonderful product.


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