One of the most important aspects of Mexican culture is its cuisine and in the vast world of textures, colors and flavors, its delicious drinks. Alcoholic, sweet, refreshing, spicy and without a hint of alcohol. In the end, the diversity is just as great as the country itself.

The reputation of Mexican drinks is a bit inferior to the food here. That’s why so many people come here and miss out on these great things! After enjoying all the delicious food, you’ll need a signature Mexican drink to make your trip perfect. There are many delicious drinks you can find at local bars, from sweet agua fresca (non-alcoholic) to a smooth glass of tequila. Here are some of the most iconic Mexican drinks you should try.


Essentially, elevated by many to the Michelada cocktail is a very Mexican way to enjoy a cold beer with a dash of salt, lime leaves, lemon and other ingredients that come together for a delicious taste.

In Latin America, michelada is a very popular drink and is often mixed with local beer. However, in Mexico, people often use the famous Corona beer, with a gentle, smooth taste that is most consumed in the country. It is such a popular drink that it can be found in any bar or restaurant and drunk at any time of the day. Also, as a curiosity, it is said to be an ideal remedy for a hangover.

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Morning drink Atole

Atole is a great morning drink. This is a hot beverage, made with masa cornstarch, water, piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), cinnamon, vanilla, and optional chocolate or fruit. First, masa dough is baked, then boiled water and cinnamon sticks are added. The resulting drink will vary in texture from thick to liquid depending on the recipe. Local people love this drink and it is closely tied to their lives. Atole is one of the traditional drinks of the Festival of the Dead in Mexico and Las Posadas, however it is still consumed daily and sold as a street food.

Agua Fresca

Aguas Frescas is a sweet Mexican beverage made from fruit, grains or flowers, mixed with water and sugar. This dish is so popular in Mexico that you can find it on any restaurant menu of the day there. Aguas Frescas is loved by people in Mexico, Central America and the United States. Some of the most popular flavors include tamarind, hibiscus and horchata (vegetable milk).

Aguas frescas are usually sold in street carts, but they can also be found in bodegas (convenience stores), restaurants and juice bars. Many tourists love the Aguas Frescas made from nuts and rice, because it is creamy, sweet and very tasty.

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Cervezas . craft beer

It is impossible not to mention Mexican craft beer. The most famous Mexican beer is definitely Corona. Because it has appeared in many countries around the world. Other popular local brands include Victoria, Modelo, Tecate and Pacifico. Mexican beer usually has a golden color, cool, rich, sour and aromatic beer typical of Tequila beer. Usually, when drinking beer, Mexicans will probably share it with a slice of lemon. To enhance the delicious taste of Tequila beer invented by indigenous people.

The beer industry is one of the most popular in the country. With more than 63% of the population consuming domestic products. Beer is also a major export of the country. And most of it is consumed by the United States, and appears in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Tequila and Mezcal

Finally, the strongest drink on this list: Tequila and Mezcal. You’ve probably heard of tequila. One of Mexico’s most famous exports. But perhaps, Mezcal is still unfamiliar to many people. In Mexico, however, these two drinks always seem to go hand in hand. In fact, Tequila is a type of Mezcal. Like how champagne is a sparkling wine. Mezcal can be made from any agave plant leaf. While Tequila can only be made from Agave Azul Tequilana (Blue Agave). A plant native to Mexico.

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Basic tequilla has an alcohol content of 38-40% but some individuals can have an alcohol content of 35-55%. Even so, most tequillas are 40% alcohol. For those of you who don’t know, Tequilla is the main alcohol ingredient of the famous Margarita cocktail that any bartender must know by heart. Usually, a glass of Mezcal is served with a pinch of chili salt and a slice of orange. It is the perfect complement to this unique Mexican wine.

Spiritual Drinks Pulque

Pulque is one of the Mexican drinks that is said to have spiritual properties. That’s why the white liquid has this acrid taste. Considered a religious dish that can only be consumed on special occasions. And by people over the age of fifty. This alcoholic drink is most traditional in central Mexico. And made from the fermentation of maguey’s heart. Or pasture through a process known as “dredging”. Made by a “tlachiquero”. This process is lengthy and requires a lot of patience.

Pulque played an important role in the period of the American Conquest. To the extent that taxes were collected to produce and sell it was one of the mainstays of the colonial economy. Currently, this drink continues to be produced in the state of Hidalgo. Especially where the rituals of the ancient natives. Still done when a plant first creates grassland.


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