The reason you should visit Chicago is for food, food and food. Just set foot here, you will be one of many people who are crazy about Chicago food. The city has been a foodie paradise since its inception and is regularly praised by popular publications. With more than 8,000 restaurants, hundreds of food festivals in Chicago, and many street food trucks in Chicago, it’s hard to choose between the many mouth-watering dishes. We will recommend you some famous and delicious Chicago dishes below, refer to it to find your favorite!

Chicago’s signature dish – smoked meat

Going to Chicago, visitors will not forget to visit famous restaurants to enjoy famous delicious smoked meat. Most visitors when enjoying this dish cannot deny its incredible attraction and fascination.

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Each piece of meat is marinated with special spices, grilled on a charcoal stove, the flavor that makes no guest can resist. Guests can eat it with tomatoes, greens and dip it with a special sauce. This will surely be an unforgettable dish when you set foot in this land.

Jibarito cake is a combination of many ingredients

Jibarito cake is a dish on Chicago’s own unique culinary list. This cake has a crust made from bananas. Inside are meats such as beef, pork, vegetables and some other spices. With a unique flavor thanks to the ingenious processing of super chefs here, Jibarito cake has gone deep into the minds of many guests from all over the world.

Chicago hot dog – the dish that creates the brand for Chicago

Chicago hot dog is ranked among the famous dishes with its own brand of Chicago. Hot dog Chicago has conquered many fastidious customers because of its unique taste and easy to eat.

It looks like a hot dog sandwich in Vietnam. But the Chicago Hot dog has a unique taste that cannot be confused with anywhere else. The main ingredients of this dish are very diverse. Specifically: bread made from whole flour, sausage sandwich, ketchup, onion, mayonnaise, mustard, etc. It’s just that, but it has attracted a large number of visitors’ choice when coming to the city. this street.

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Italian beef sandwich – a dish with strict requirements

Although it is a fast food, the Italian beef sandwich is quite elaborate and meticulous. To make a standard dish, it requires the chef to choose the freshest ingredients. Beef before being sandwiched into the cake. After that, it will have to be processed separately according to a special method. It gives soul to great sandwiches. There are also sauces, raw vegetables, cucumbers. All combine to make a dish that is enough to seduce all diners.

Pizza with thick base – Chicago style Pizza

The next famous Chicago dish we would recommend is the thick crust pizza. This dish also has many other names such as Deep Dish . Typically, a Chicago pizza will be about 5 to 7 centimeters thick. The topping is filled with delicious ingredients such as cheese, ketchup, and some kind of meat filling. When cutting the cake, the cheese layer will immediately flow to the outside. Just seeing it makes you want to enjoy it right away.

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Are you thinking that popcorn is so special that it becomes a famous dish? However, if you taste the special popcorn of this city, you will definitely change your mind. Chicago has a lot of popcorn stores. Each place has its own processing method to create different types of popcorn. The most famous store you can visit to buy popcorn is Navy Pier Chicago located north of the city.

Torta Meringata is always on the culinary charts

It would be a mistake if the list does not include the name Torta Meringata. This is always considered the most awaited dessert in restaurants. The ingredients to make the cake are also nothing special. But the sophisticated way of processing and serving is what makes it famous. When enjoying Torta Meringata, you will feel the cold taste of ice cream. Then there’s the saltiness of the caramel. Finally, the seductive aroma of rum and the gentle sweetness of chocolate.

Enjoying food in Chicago is more than just a hobby. It is also the top form of travel art that you should once discover it.


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